Cat Wins Internet's Heart With Hanging Tongue And Unique Face

Photo source: neko.ikiru.san In Yorkshire, England, Ikiru lives with his parents, Rich and Emma, an exotic shorthair boy cat. His parents have shared photos of him on social media, which have made him an Internet sensation.Photo source: neko.ikiru.sanWith his unique face and hanging tongue, he's taking over the In... See more

Adorable Photos Showing Kids Why They Need A Dog

In addition to teaching a child to take responsibility and express empathy, having a dog is a fun and exciting way for them to learn. In addition to helping raise self-esteem, dogs can be a great learning tool. Having a dog as a playmate is a real blessing for them as they get an energetic companion to amuse themselves for... See more

Pictures Of Wholesome Service Puppies On Their First Days At Work

There are many misconceptions about dogs. There are a lot of things you have missed out on in life if you have never had a dog. Dogs are very playful and affectionate. That's obvious and we all know it. However, they're highly intelligent as well. It's hard to believe that dogs can learn tricks as fast as they do when you k... See more

Manggo, a chunky cat with hilarious facial expressions, has gone viral

As pets, cats are undoubtedly the world's most popular, outnumbering dogs three to one, and are loved by nearly everyone. On the other hand, the internet has now elevated cat obsession to an entirely new level. Cats are now able to become stars as well as humans. Their fans are spread across the globe, and they have thousands of... See more

The Two-Tone Faced Cat Became A Dad To Kittens In All Of His Colors

Photo source: @amazingnarnia In many ways, Narnia is a special cat. In addition to his blue eyes, he has a perfectly symmetrical face with gray and black halves. When he was just a tiny baby he captured the hearts of millions of people online thanks to his split face and special features.Photo source: @amazingnarn... See more