20 Dog facts that will amaze you

It's great to have dogs in the house - they're always loving and companionable, and they are always there for us when we need them. Dogs are much more than they seem, did you know? Our four-legged friends are not only 'man's best friend' but they also offer us a lot more than we can imagine.Canine knowledge is so vast that you t... See more

How to gain a dog's trust

Almost everyone has encountered a dog who ignored them or ran away when we asked to pet him, and adult rescue dogs aren't uncommon to act this way at first.When we look at this from a human perspective, it's easy to take it personally and conclude that the dog doesn't like us. It is our custom to shake hands and introduce oursel... See more

How can I stop my dog from jumping up?

Canine behavior that involves jumping up on people is natural. Dogs can greet people face-to-face when they jump, and it's guaranteed that they get noticed. Jumping to greet can be dangerous and annoying for humans. Worn clothes, especially those with muddy paws, can become ruined and people can be knocked down, especially child... See more

20 German Shepherd Dog Facts

German Shepherds are one the most loved breeds of dogs in the world. This breed is loved by dog lovers for its loyal nature and makes them wonderful pets. They are strong and intelligent, making them great for many different work roles. A German Shepherd is a popular choice for people around the world. They are a handsome breed... See more

Adorable Doggo With Adorable Ears! ❤ 🐕

Adorable Doggo With Adorable Ears! ❤ 🐕
📷: instagram/dogsfeever