Can a Dog Eat Avocado

The Do's and Don'ts of Feeding Avocado to Your DogIntroduction: Avocado is a Fruit, not a VegetableAvocado is a fruit that is loved by people and dogs alike. However, the answer to the question of if a dog can eat avocado is not always easy to answer.There are some cases when it would be okay for a dog to eat some avocado, but i... See more

The zoo celebrates the birth of a litter of endangered leopard kittens

A trio of adorable Leopard kittens has just been born at the Zoo Little ones, welcome to the world. What beautiful babies these are.Three kittens were born to a leopard cat at the Taipei Zoo on March 3. Taiwan is the place where the zoo is located. Leopard cats have not given birth in captivity in nearly 20 years, so this i... See more

Explore 600+ Dog Breeds on

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The best companion dogs for senior citizens

  The dog is one of the most beloved pet animals and is regarded as man's best friend. The relationship between a dog and their owner is unmatched by any other kind of animal.Being able to enjoy your golden years with the companionship of a furry friend can be rewarding. When you visit shelters and rescues, nothing is... See more

Information About Street Dogs In Mexico

As a result, stray dogs living on the streets and beaches of Mexico have no special names. In Puerto Rico, they're called "satos," and in the Bahamas, they're called "pot cakes." The number of street dogs may exceed the number of people in some cities. The stray dog problem in MexicoOn the streets and on the beaches o... See more