Kids tell their mothers that there is a monster under their beds, and this is not exactly wrong

He described it as being pretty matter-of-fact."A monster under Jeni Koyle's bed surprised her when her 4-year-old son spoke of it. In the middle of the day, kids don't typically complain about monsters - and it was 11 a.m.Koyle told The Dodo that Koyle did not seem scared - more intrigued. He was pretty matter-of-fac... See more

Adorable Dog With Curious Appearance Draws People's Attention

Occasionally, the Internet is flooded with heart-warming stories about dogs that can surely melt your heart. Similarly, Lucky, a dog of two years living in Thailand with his owner, Charice Fca Cha, is in the same situation. The dog's unique appearance and curious nature instantly made him a hit.Photo source: Charice F... See more

An individual saves a bull mastiff who had been buried in dirt and left to die

Occasionally, humans commit monstrous acts that make the rest of us ashamed to be part of the same species. People are much worse than animals. Wild animals attack when hungry or scared - they never kill or torture for pleasure.The heroine of this story was buried alive and then left to die by a sadistic owner who not only... See more

Over 1,000 cats stranded in war-torn Syria have found refuge at a Syrian cat sanctuary

Many of us cannot even imagine what the worn-torn country faces daily. A group of survivors flees the area in an attempt to save their lives. However, there are those who do not have that option.  There is no shelter or food available for animals on the streets. There are others who are abused and neglected with n... See more

A pair of kittens found near the road look after one another and insist on staying together

Near the side of the road, two calico kittens were found together. Their bond has been indestructible since.Two tiny kittens less than 24 hours old were contacted by Sparkle Cat Rescue, an all-volunteer rescue group in North Carolina. Sarah Kelly, a foster volunteer for the rescue, said that they were found toget... See more