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I’ve never thought of insects as pets before, but this little guy may change my mind. Stick insects are interesting to watch and take care of. According to National Geographic, there are approximately 3,000 stick bug species, but only a few are reared as pets. They live in enclosures and eat leaves. Depending on what species you get is how easy or difficult they are to care for.🍂

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Pet Cares, #COVID19 Learn about our most trustworthy companions the pets that share our homes and our lives. How to keep safe your pets in the pandemic of COVID-19 and Spend a good time with your pets in lockdown days and keep the clean your pets.

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Alhamdulillah, Petlur has officially launched. I have been working on Petlur for almost 4 to 5 year now. That is Happiest moment for me to completed the Petlur on 2 August 2019 (Today). Thanks to all who supported me through the journey of Petlur. About Petlur? Petlur is the first pets social network of the World that operates via websites and mobile apps. Founded in 2014, it is mainly used for connecting with a community of pet lovers, breeders, veterinarian, pet sitters etc. There is not only you can share your daily activities but also find everything related to your pets well being from finding best pet veterinarian, pet stores, pet sitters and breeders. We take care you and your pets. This social network is based on keeping your pets in mind.

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