Biewer Terrier

USD 1500-1800 Price Avg.

Companion Dogs



Breed Type



12-15 years


Breed Information

Group Companion Dogs
Popularity/Rank 588
Origin Germany
Other Names Biewer à la Pom Pon,,Biewer Yorkie,,Biewer Yorkshire,,German Yorkshire Terrier
Breed Type Purebred
Price (Avg.) USD 1500-1800
Size Small
Weight 4.5-9 pounds (2.5-4 kg)
Height 7-11 inches (18-28 cm)
Lifespan 12-15 years
Recognized by AKC
The American Kennel Club as a Miscellaneous breed. And Not recognized by FCI.
Purpose Companion
Date of Origin 1980
Ancestry Yorkshire Terrrier

Appearance & Maintenance

Coat Long, Silky, Soft
Coat Colors Black & White & Tan, Blue Tan & White, Chocolate Tan & White, Piebald
Grooming Level
Shedding Level
Eye Color Possibilities Brown
Nose Color Possibilities Black, Brown
Coat Color Possibilities Black, Blue, Brown, Cream, White
Coat Length Large
Coat Density Normal
Coat Texture Straight
Recommended Brushes Clipper, Nail Clipper, Pin Brush
Brushing Frequency Weekly

Breed Characteristics

Temperament Energetic, Friendly, Intelligent, Playful, Sportive, Stubborn
Sensitivity Level
Affection Level
Social Interaction Required
Watchdog Ability
Biting Force Low
Impulse to Wander or Roam
Prey Drive
Tolerates Being Left Alone
Fighting Dog Not really

Good & Friendly with

Apartment Life Friendly
Stranger Friendly
Cat Friendly
Dog Friendly
Office Friendly Yes
Senior Citizens Friendly
Pet Friendly
Friendly with First Time Owners Yes
Service Dog Not really
Therapy Dog Not really
Detection, Sniffer or Security Dog Not really
Search and Rescue Dog (SAR) Not really
Boat Dog Not really
Cart Pulling or Drafting Dog Not really

Health Elements

Health Issues
Health Problems Bouts of diarrhea, Dental Problems, Frequent discolored or soft stool, GI tract sensitivity
Hypoallergenic Yes,,No
Energy Level
Exercise Required
Sleeping Required
Weight Gain Potential
Weather & Climate Tolerates warm and cold weather.
Stinkiness Low
Drooling tendency
Activity Level High
Rec. Walk Mileage Per Week 3 miles
Minutes of Activity Per Day 30 minutes

Food & Costing

Avg. Daily Food 1/4 to 1/2 cup of high-quality dry food a day, divided into two meals.
Cups Per Day 1 cups
Daily Cost $0.75 - $1.00
Monthly Cost $25.00 - $30.00


Gestation Duration 60-64 days
How often can the Biewer Terrier have a litter? Once a year.
Litter Size 2-4 puppies (Once a year.)


The Biewer Terrier is a small, lively, and intelligent breed of dog that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This breed is known for its unique appearance and friendly personality. In this article, we will discuss the appearance, lifespan, size, weight, colors, personality, friendliness with other dogs and animals, temperament, health and adaptability of the Biewer Terrier dog.

Appearance: The Biewer Terrier has a long coat that can be either wavy or straight. The coat is usually white with black or blue markings on the face and body. The ears are erect and the tail is usually docked short.

Lifespan: The average lifespan of a Biewer Terrier is between 12-15 years.

Size: The average size of a Biewer Terrier is between 8-11 inches tall at the shoulder when fully grown.

Weight: The average weight of a Biewer Terrier is between 4-7 pounds when fully grown.

Colors: The most common colors for this breed are white with black or blue markings on the face and body. Other colors such as brown or red may also be present in some individuals but are not as common as the traditional coloration.

Personality: This breed has an outgoing personality that loves to play and explore new things around them! They are very loyal to their owners but can also be independent at times which makes them great companions for those who don’t have much time to dedicate to their pet’s needs every day! They love being around people but can also be content spending time alone if necessary too!

Friendliness with other dogs/animals/children: This breed gets along well with other animals including cats if they have been properly socialized from an early age! They do best in homes where there are no young children due to their small size which could make them vulnerable to injury if handled roughly by kids who don’t know any better! However they do get along well with older children who understand how to treat animals properly!

Temperament: This breed has an even temperament that makes them great family pets as they tend not to bark excessively or become overly aggressive towards strangers or other animals unless provoked first! They love being around people but can also be content spending time alone if necessary too!

Health: Generally speaking this breed does not suffer from any major health issues however it’s important that you keep up regular vet checkups just like any other pet so any potential problems can be caught early on before they become more serious issues down the line!

Adaptability level & Benefits as Pets : This breed does well in both urban and rural environments due to its small size making it easy for owners living in apartments or smaller homes without yards still able to provide adequate exercise opportunities for their pet through daily walks etc… Additionally these dogs make great companions due to their friendly personalities which make them perfect lapdogs for those looking for a loyal companion who loves cuddles just as much as playing fetch outside all day long!


The Biewer Terrier is a small, playful dog breed that originates from Germany. The breed is named after its creators, Werner and Gertrude Biewer, who bred the first litter of Biewer Terriers in 1984. The Biewer Terrier was created by crossing a Yorkshire Terrier with a Bichon Frise. The resulting puppies were born with unique markings and colors not seen in either parent breed.

The Biewer Terrier was almost extinct by the early 2000s, but has since made a comeback in popularity. There are now several thousand Biewer Terriers worldwide. The breed is recognized by the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club, and has a growing fan base in the United States and Europe.

The ancestry of the Biewer Terrier can be traced back to two foundation dogs: a Yorkshire Terrier named Schneeflock von Friedheck and a Bichon Frise named Daisy von Fliedener See. Schneeflock von Friedheck was born in 1979 and was imported to Germany from England. Daisy von Fliedener See was born in 1981 and was imported to Germany from France. These two dogs were bred together and produced the first litter of Biewer Terriers in 1984.

The Biewer Terrier was originally recognized as a separate breed in Germany in 1986. The breed gained AKC recognition in 2015, making it one of the newest breeds recognized by the AKC. The UKC recognized the Biewer Terrier as a separate breed in 2013.