German Sheprador

USD 200-600 Price Avg.

Designer Dogs


Cross Breed

Breed Type

Large, Giant


10-12 years


Breed Information

Group Designer Dogs
Popularity/Rank 621
Origin United States
Other Names Cross between the German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever.,,Labrashepherd
Breed Type Cross Breed
Price (Avg.) USD 200-600
Size Large, Giant
Height 20-27 inches (51-69 cm)
Lifespan 10-12 years
Recognized by
Not recognized by the American Kennel Club. And Not recognized by FCI.
Purpose Companion, Watchdog
Date of Origin Unknown
Ancestry German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever

Appearance & Maintenance

Coat Dense, Medium
Coat Colors Black, Blue, Cream, Grey, Red, Sometimes they have a mix of colors., White
Grooming Level
Shedding Level
Eye Color Possibilities Brown
Nose Color Possibilities Black
Coat Color Possibilities Black, Blue, Cream, Gray, Red, White, White
Coat Length Medium
Coat Density Dense
Coat Texture Straight
Recommended Brushes Comb, Deshedder, Nail Clipper, Pin Brush
Brushing Frequency Daily

Breed Characteristics

Temperament Alert, Defensive, Energetic, Guarding, Hunting, Loyal, Productive, Protective, Trainable, Vigilant
Sensitivity Level
Affection Level
Social Interaction Required
Watchdog Ability
Biting Force Low
Impulse to Wander or Roam
Prey Drive
Tolerates Being Left Alone
Fighting Dog Not really

Good & Friendly with

Apartment Life Friendly
Stranger Friendly
Cat Friendly
Dog Friendly
Office Friendly No
Senior Citizens Friendly
Pet Friendly
Friendly with First Time Owners No
Service Dog Yes
Therapy Dog Not really
Detection, Sniffer or Security Dog Yes
Search and Rescue Dog (SAR) Yes
Boat Dog Yes
Cart Pulling or Drafting Dog Not really

Health Elements

Health Issues
Health Problems Digestive Problems, Hip Dysplasia
Hypoallergenic No
Energy Level
Exercise Required
Sleeping Required
Weight Gain Potential
Weather & Climate Tolerates warm and cold weather.
Stinkiness Low
Drooling tendency
Activity Level High
Rec. Walk Mileage Per Week 12 miles
Minutes of Activity Per Day 60 minutes

Food & Costing

Avg. Daily Food 6 to 8 cups of high-quality dry food a day, divided into two meals.
Cups Per Day 3 cups
Daily Cost $1.50 - $1.90
Monthly Cost $39.00 - $52.00


Gestation Duration 60-64 days
How often can the German Sheprador have a litter? Once a year.
Litter Size 4-10 puppies (Once a year.)


The German Sheprador is a hybrid breed that is a mix of the German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever. This breed has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its intelligence, loyalty, and good-natured personality. The German Sheprador is an active and energetic dog that loves to play and explore.

Appearance: The German Sheprador has a medium-sized body with a strong, muscular build. They have long legs, a deep chest, and an alert expression on their face. Their coat can be either short or long depending on the parent breeds used in the mix. Common colors include black, brown, tan, white, gray, red, and cream.

Lifespan: The average lifespan of the German Sheprador is 10-14 years when properly cared for.
Size: The average size of the German Sheprador ranges from 22-26 inches tall at the shoulder when fully grown.
Weight: The average weight of the German Sheprador ranges from 50-80 pounds when fully grown.
Colors: Common colors for this breed include black, brown, tan, white gray red and cream.
Personality: The German Sheprador is an intelligent dog that loves to please its owners with its loyal nature and eagerness to learn new things quickly. They are also very protective of their family members which makes them great guard dogs as well as companions for children or other pets in the home such as cats or small animals like rabbits or hamsters.
Friendliness with Other Dogs & Animals: The German Sheprador is generally friendly towards other dogs but may be wary around strange animals due to their protective nature so it’s important to socialize them early on if you plan on having multiple pets in your home environment . They are also very friendly towards children making them great family pets as well!
Temperament: This breed has an even temperament which means they are not overly aggressive nor overly timid but rather have a balanced personality that allows them to adapt easily into any situation they find themselves in whether it’s playing fetch with kids or going for walks with adults .
Health Issues & Adaptability Level : Generally speaking , this breed does not suffer from any major health issues however they may be prone to hip dysplasia , eye problems , skin allergies , ear infections , obesity , bloat (gastric torsion) , elbow dysplasia , hypothyroidism etc . As far as adaptability goes , this breed does quite well living both indoors or outdoors provided they get enough exercise each day .

Benefits of Owning A German Sheprador : One of the biggest benefits of owning a German sheprador is their intelligence which makes them easy to train . They are also loyal companions who will always be by your side no matter what life throws at you ! Additionally these dogs make great watchdogs due to their protective nature so you can rest assured knowing your family will always be safe while you’re away ! Finally these dogs love being around people so if you’re looking for an affectionate pet then look no further than this amazing hybrid !


The German Sheprador is a mixed breed of dog that is a cross between the German Shepherd and the Labrador Retriever. The German Sheprador is also sometimes referred to as the Sheprador, the Shepherd-Labrador mix, or the Lab-Shepherd mix. This breed of dog is not recognized by any major kennel club, but is recognized by some smaller clubs and organizations. The German Sheprador is a relatively new breed of dog, with its origins dating back to the early 2000s.

The German Sheprador was created in an effort to create a hypoallergenic dog that would still retain the best qualities of both the German Shepherd and the Labrador Retriever. Unfortunately, due to the fact that both of these breeds are prone to hip dysplasia, this often results in the German Sheprador also being afflicted with this condition. In addition, because both breeds are also known for being high energy dogs, this often means that the German Sheprador requires a great deal of exercise and stimulation in order to avoid becoming bored and destructive.

The German Sheprador was originally bred in Germany, but has since become popular in other parts of Europe and North America. This breed of dog is still relatively rare, but its popularity seems to be on the rise.