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What are the number of teeth a dog has, and can they lose any of them?

Is the number of teeth in dogs the same as ours? As we lose our baby teeth, do they lose "puppy teeth" as well? As puppies and as adults, dogs have different numbers of teeth, and they may lose teeth at any age. See more

Adorable Photos Showing Kids Why They Need A Dog

In addition to teaching a child to take responsibility and express empathy, having a dog is a fun and exciting way for them to learn. In addition to helping raise self-esteem, dogs can be a great learning tool. See more

Manggo, a chunky cat with hilarious facial expressions, has gone viral

As pets, cats are undoubtedly the world's most popular, outnumbering dogs three to one, and are loved by nearly everyone. On the other hand, the internet has now elevated cat obsession to an entirely new level. Cats are now able to become stars as well as humans. Their fans are spread across the globe, and they have thousands of adoring fans. I am sure that this cute cat is no different. See more

Daddy day-care! An African Jacana's primary responsibility is caretaking his baby chicks under his wings so they remain warm and safe.

They are classified as tropical waders in the Jacanidae family. They are sometimes referred to as Jesus birds or lily trotters. Tropical regions around the world are home to these birds. Foraging on floating or semi-emergent aquatic vegetation, they use their elongated feet and toenails to spread out their weight. Several species also maintain harems of males during the breeding season, with males only responsible for incubating eggs and rearing chicks. They are among the few birds whose females are larger and whose females... See more