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Capuchin Monkeys world is family owned and Operated. We are here to match our monkeys with the right
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We do not just breed capuchin monkeys for numbers and profit. We breed with the highest ethical standards, superior husbandry and specific goals in mind. Our breeding goals are always to improve the species in order to achieve optimal health, disposition, and physical features, including but not limited to conformation, unique markings and striking coloring. We track lineages in order to selectively breed for desired characteristics, and also to avoid inbreeding and known genetic health issues. Our extensive breeding progra... See more

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In the wild, capuchins swing from one tree to another, something that most home nooks don't allow. The absence of regular environment in a home setting raises a lot of discussion with respect to keeping these monkeys by any stretch of the imagination. Ordinarily, there isn't almost adequate room or foliage in a normal yard to permit the primate appropriate exercise.

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Frequently Asked Questions by people who want a primate as pet

Why did you choose an exotic monkey for a pet?

Since I was a little girl, they always fascinated me. I LOVE the challenge of raising them. They require me to think and keep my mind active. I am constantly researching better handling, behavior, and nutrional techniques. Some people are dog people, some cat people. I am a crazy monkey person. Exotics really. The bond shared and trust gained with these animals is one one the greatest feelings. One can not understand how rewarding the relationship is with a primate until the... See more

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