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Kids tell their mothers that there is a monster under their beds, and this is not exactly wrong

A monster under Jeni Koyle's bed surprised her when her 4-year-old son spoke of it. In the middle of the day, kids don't typically complain about monsters - and it was 11 a.m. See more

Check out these pictures of majestic Bengal cats which show their beauty and ferocity

It's essential to pay attention to Bengal cats because they're extremely energetic and adorable. See more

The Chic Supermodel Pose of One Japanese Rescue Cat Has Overtaken the Internet

The German poet Charles Bukowski famously said that cats have style in abundance. Today, a Japanese cat named Puusuke-kun is attracting a lot of attention online because of his style. A pet rescue organization called Lucky Star posted a photo of Puusuke-kun, a 5-year-old who poses like a supermodel in the photo.
Puusuke-kun, dressed in a swimsuit-like cat outfit, gazes straight into the camera with his legs crossed, and has his back to the camera. According to the Japanese caption, the photo asks, “Is coolness necessa... See more

Get To Know Odd-eyed Olive: A Gorgeous Feline With Extraordinary Eyes

A cat's eye would keep me occupied all day. All cat eyes are magnificent, enchanting, tiny, multicolored orbs that dazzle and glisten even in the darkest of lighting. See more

These 15 Maine Coon Cats Are So Huge That They Make All The Other Cats Look Tiny

Maine Coons rank among the largest breeds of domestic cats. Some men weigh up to 35 pounds (16 kilograms), and sometimes they are heavier than that. It is still unknown how they came into existence, but there are some myths about their nature, and one of them has to do with a crossbreed between cats and raccoons.