Kids tell their mothers that there is a monster under their beds, and this is not exactly wrong

A monster under Jeni Koyle's bed surprised her when her 4-year-old son spoke of it. In the middle of the day, kids don't typically complain about monsters - and it was 11 a.m.

He described it as being pretty matter-of-fact."

Koyle told The Dodo that Koyle did not seem scared - more intrigued. He was pretty matter-of-fact about it, saying, "I hear this noise, so it makes sense as to what caused it."

When Kayle investigated her son's room, she found that the "monster" was nothing more than their rescue cat, Sis.

Cat pretends to be a monster under the bed

Photo source: JENI KOYLE

She knew she had to bring Sis home from the beginning when she found her in rural Idaho as a kitten.

"Normally, I wouldn't give a feral kitten a second thought, but this one was different," said Koyle. Even then, I could see she had a special personality, and we bonded immediately.

Photo source: JENI KOYLE

Koyle's two young sons have a close relationship with Sis. They are never without their cat - running along side their stroller during walks or cuddling with them in bed. Koyle told me that she really is like a sister to them. "They behave as if they were siblings. Playing with each other sometimes drives them crazy, and sometimes they have the time of their lives. But one thing is certain, they're always keeping an eye on each other."

Photo source: JENI KOYLE

Koyle's 4-year-old and her sister spend most of their nights sleeping together.

As Sis investigated the mattress this night, she found herself stuck in between the box spring and the plastic cover.

Cat gets stuck under bed

Photo source: JENI KOYLE

Under the box spring, the furry monster was running around looking for an escape route, but luckily it hadn't eaten any plastic. It was a relief for Koyle's son when he learned what was under his bed.

"As soon as I saw her under there, we all laughed," Koyle said. "We don't know how she got in there."

Photo source: JENI KOYLE

Sisley was able to be enticed out of her hiding spot by Koyle, who reminded the mischievous kitten that her role is to protect her brother from things that go bump in the night, not become one herself.


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