15 Good Pets for Kids: What Type of Pet is Good for Your Child?

Pets play an important role in our lives. People who know the importance of animals always adopt any animal for their child. Owning a pet can be a rewarding experience for both a child and an adult. Pets can play an important role in your child's development emotionally, socially, and physically. They learn many valuable lessons such as how to care for living things, how to fulfil their responsibilities. Along with these valuable life lessons, they also enjoy the company of pets.

If you introduce your child to a pet at a very young age, it has a great impact on your child. But not all pets are a good fit for your child and your lifestyle. If you are considering adopting any pet and your children are small for their age, you may want to start with these animals.

Pets for Kids

These pets are easy to handle and low maintenance.

1. Fish

15 Good Pets for Kids: What Type of Pet is Good for Your Child?

If you want to have a pet, then fish is the best “starter” pet for your kids. There are many types of fish, some fish are easy to handle and care for, but unfortunately some fish are very difficult to handle.

Goldfish is the most popular fish among all species but it is difficult to keep. If you want to keep goldfish, you should start with standard goldfish or betta fish and other easier fish than goldfish.

When your kids raise fish with the age of 6-8 and above, they take care of the fish food or the clean water of the aquarium and also fulfil their responsibilities to decorate the aquarium. Generally 5-7 years old and above children can start observing fish.

2. Birds

Birds are beautiful creatures and this is a wonderful idea if you want to keep a bird. There are many types of birds like canaries, finches and parrots etc.

Birds are friendly, intelligent and social, so they need attention but they are easy to handle. Children learn a lot with birds as they fulfil their responsibilities to serve them. Children 10 years and older are suitable for bird care.

3. Dogs

Dogs are a popular family pet and a favourite among children. There are many dog breeds including small, medium and large sizes, however some dog breeds require more maintenance, but there are some dog breeds that require less maintenance. But all breeds need regular vet checkups, walks and grooming.

Dogs can be trained to know when it's time to go outside, how to eat, where to use the bathroom, and many other things.

While training, your child can have fun and learn the responsibilities of how to care for and train a pet. 5-7 years and older may be a good starting point for some children, but with significant supervision.

Always choose the right breed that suits your lifestyle as it is a long commitment of time, money and emotions.

4. Cats

Cats are another popular family pet and are just as popular with children as dogs. There are also many breeds of cats, some breeds require more grooming, but there are other breeds that require less grooming.

Cats require less attention than dogs, but do require regular vet checkups and grooming. You can train a cat just like a dog. 

Children between the ages of 5 and 8 are perfect for interacting with cats.

5. Reptiles

Some people love reptiles and want to adopt them as pets. This is a good idea if you want to keep a reptile for your child.

Reptiles require less  maintenance and exercise than other family pets but you need to know special skills to handle them and take care of their food and health issues. Children of 8-12 years old and above is a good starting point for many reptile species.

Turtles are one of them and can be a great pet for your child, they eat plants and stay with you for a long time.

6. Rats

If your child interacts with pets more and pays more attention, then a rat is the best choice for your child.

Rats are very affectionate pets and they form a very good bond with their owner if the owner gives them a lot of attention.

Unfortunately, rats are not good at eating a balanced diet, so they will need to be more careful about their diet and exercise. Rats are trainable, if you want to have more fun with rat, teach them some tricks. Children 10 years and older are best to handle and care for rat.

7. Hamsters

Hamsters are great starter pets because of their size and low maintenance and they don't need much attention.

Hamsters have become more common pets over the years. Kids love them because of their small size, cuteness and cuddles.

Always keep an eye on hamsters when in the hands of small children as they can sometimes be aggressive and bite. But children between 8 and 10 years of age or older are best for handling hamsters. If you want to keep a hamster for your child, it is better to choose a Syrian hamster breed that is less aggressive.

8. Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs belong to the rat and hamster family of rodents. They make an excellent pet because of their small size and low maintenance.

People who live in small apartments or quarters can have guinea pigs as pets. These creatures are cute and happy around humans.

Children 8 to 12 years and above may be more suitable for caring for guinea pigs.

9. Rabbits

Rabbits are docile small mammals. Their cuteness, small size and soft fur make them an excellent family pet for kids. They are easy for 10+ years old children to handle.

They require less attention but always make sure that the rabbit is not harmed when children play with them. You can also protect the rabbit from other animals as they can harm the rabbit.

Children learn many responsibilities to serve the rabbit such as taking care of the rabbit's fresh food, cleaning the litter box, play area and many more.

10. Insects and Arthropods

Some children love insects, if your child is one of them and 10+ years old and wants to pet one then fear not some insects make great pets.

Arthropods can be good pets, they are low maintenance and don't need a lot of space to live. For arthropods you can provide a natural environment with proper temperature, humidity and food, you can just arrange them in a small wooden or glass box.

You can make an ant farm for your kids, these ants are fun and kids watch their activities for educational purposes.

You can also raise a butterfly.

11. Corn Snake

The very name snake scares people, but some snake breeds make great pets. Some children and their parents have an adventurous mind, for such people Snake is a great choice.

If we look at all the species of snakes, the corn snake stands on the list of good pets.

Corn snakes are low maintenance and easy to handle pets for 7-10 years old young children. They eat rodents in fresh deceased or frozen form.

12. Bearded Dragons

If your kids are around 8-12 years old want to have a unique reptile, bearded dragons are the perfect choice for them. They love being handled by humans and don't bite.

Bearded dragons are the largest lizards and tough souls. The life requirements of bearded dragons are a little more difficult as they require a specific environment of food, water, temperature and other things.

However, all these responsibilities can be handled by your older children.

13. Hermit Crab

The hermit crab can make an interesting pet. Hermit crabs are inexpensive and low-maintenance, but these crabs live in special environments. Hermit crabs live on sand and use the empty shells of snails as shelter. However, it is enough to arrange a small space for your crabs like a wooden or glass box.

Hermit crabs enjoy the company of two or a group of crabs. Generally, children around 8-10 years old and up might be better suited for caring for hermit crabs.

14. Brine Shrimp

Brine shrimp are a good pet as an educational tool. They only live 4 to 6 weeks.

Brine shrimp require specific water(saltwater, temperature, and oxygen levels) to survive.

Another name for brine shrimp  is “sea monkey”. Brine shrimps are also available in kits, which are easy for children to use.

Kids just need to add in the water and watch these sea monkeys grow in the water.

15. Chickens 

Chickens can be good pets and are easy to care for and low cost pets. You also get benefits from chicken eggs. They are not suitable indoor pets. If you want to keep chickens, you should arrange a safe coop in your outdoor area. Your 8-10 year old kids can handle chicken responsibilities easily.

In conclusion, having a pet can be a delightful and enriching experience for kids. It teaches them responsibility, compassion, and provides emotional and physical benefits. By choosing the right pet and preparing adequately, you can ensure a positive experience for both your child and the pet.


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