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"In the Kingdom of Bamboo: The Extraordinary Life of Giant Pandas"

Giant pandas (Ailuropodine melaleuca) are fascinating creatures that have captivated the world with their adorable appearance and unique characteristics. These charismatic animals are native to the bamboo forests of China and are known for their black and white markings. See more

21 Bath Time Fun With Your Pets

Different dogs respond to the idea of taking a bath in a different way. Some dogs love to splash around in the water, while others find it distracting and can become anxious. See more

Adorable Dog With Curious Appearance Draws People's Attention

Occasionally, the Internet is flooded with heart-warming stories about dogs that can surely melt your heart. See more

Over 1,000 cats stranded in war-torn Syria have found refuge at a Syrian cat sanctuary

Many of us cannot even imagine what the worn-torn country faces daily. A group of survivors flees the area in an attempt to save their lives. However, there are those who do not have that option. See more

Parents of 7 adorable golden retriever pups watch over their tiny babies, they're all so adorable

They have recently revealed themselves to be dad and mom to an adorable litter of seven puppies. It is heart-meltingly beautiful to observe these miracles with such love and delight. Moreover, the new father and mother seem to be full of love and affection for each other, as if they have realized their existential purpose.