Adorable Dog With Curious Appearance Draws People's Attention

Occasionally, the Internet is flooded with heart-warming stories about dogs that can surely melt your heart.

Similarly, Lucky, a dog of two years living in Thailand with his owner, Charice Fca Cha, is in the same situation. The dog's unique appearance and curious nature instantly made him a hit.

Photo source: Charice Fca Cha

A few weeks after his adoption, Lucky has already proven to be quite a star. While Lucky was born with heterochromia, a condition that causes each eye to develop different colors (pale blue and brown), it is not the only thing he has. The cartoonish eyebrows on his head make him stand out among the crowd.

Photo source: Charice Fca Cha

As soon as his human began posting pictures of him, Lucky became famous. There has been a small crowd of people who have had a hard time believing that this adorably unique dog exists.

Photo source: Charice Fca Cha

Charice told The Dodo that there are so many reactions to the news. Several people were stunned, excited, and surprised. They wanted to meet him."

"Some people think I just drew his eyebrow with a permanent marker, or that I photoshopped his face," she said.

Photo source: Charice Fca Cha

Lucky is in good health, despite looking different on the outside, and he is thrilled to have found someone who loves him on the inside and outside.

Photo source: Charice Fca Cha

Charice observed, "He has a habit of clinging to things." She said, "He sticks with me everywhere."

Lucky is not most special for Charice because of his two different colored eyes or his dark eyebrows, it is because of the friendship he shares with her. The adorably eye-catching pup will contribute to a happy life for her.

Photo source: Charice Fca Cha

Charice said, "I think we have a fun and very happy future."

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