Science Says that If You Talk to Your Pets You’re Not Crazy, You’re Intelligent.

If you’re one of those ‘crazy’ pet people who talk to their dogs and cats on a regular basis don’t worry, science says you’re not crazy at all. On the contrary, this is a sign of intelligence, or at least that’s what one recent study suggests.
Every pet owner will agree with me that we treat our pets like human beings and maybe we’re not so wrong in doing it. We talk to them about our problems, we laugh with them and even though we know they’ll never talk back to us, we still feel comfort in doing it. And even though nothing anyone says will ever convince us to stop doing it, science is now in our favor, stating that talking to animals, electronic devices and even plants is a sign of high intelligence.

The thing is that people who’ve never owned a pet will never understand the bond we form. The will always see us as crazy cat or dog persons and that’s OK. However, we now have something to tell them next time they call us cuckoo-doo. We’ll shout it to their face that talking to our pets actually means we’re smarter than them.

According to the professor of behavioral sciences at the Chicago University and his Quartz article, people who are able to recognize a mind in non-humans are not stupid or childish as many people have believed in the past. It’s been believed that adults are supposed to grow out of this phase and those who don’t, are seen as a bit peculiar. He explains that this belief, according to him is completely mistaken. He says that the ability to recognize the mind of another human being involves the same brain processes as recognizing the mind in animals or gadgets. This reflects out brain’s biggest ability and not its stupidity.

In other words, he says that the ability to recognize what your dog wants when he wags its tail or tilts its head is a sign that you’re good at reading other people’s emotions and intentions. With this in mind, it turns out that people who talk to their animals are not crazy or deranged, they’re simply empathetic.

Of course we’re not saying that having deep, meaningful conversations with your goldfish is a sign of your wits, but it’s a fact that people who’re able to have these conversations are the same people who’re able to read someone’s emotions or intentions.
There you have it, you’re free to continue talking to your dog and/or cat because it’s not a sign of madness. This being said, we can’t guarantee that you won’t still get the odd look now and again, but at least now you’ll know that you’re completely sane, and pretty smart as well.


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