25 Rare And Unique Dogs That Deserve To Be Honored

The world is filled with many dog breeds, some common, some rare, and some even very unusual. In addition, some dogs have fairly common breeds but remain extremely unique compared to their breeds. It may be caused by a genetic combination, such as being a tawny with blue eyes, or it may be caused by something simple like vitiligo. Have you thought about it? I certainly didn't.

First and foremost, one thing needs to be clarified. There are no bad puppies or bad dogs; all are good. As well as these puppies, they're good puppies. The likes of Prague, the jet-black Pitbull, have been compared to cats due to its black coat. What is the height and weight of a Pitbull? Although it was a bit of a shock, it was certainly something to consider. We'll expose some unusual puppies that deserve our attention without further ado.

 #1 Merle Pitbull

merle pitbull

Credit: @Merle

"Merle" is the pattern of colors on the coat of a dog. There is more than one color in this coat with splotches of a different color. A dog with this trait is considered to be very attractive. By introducing Merle into a breeding program, different pigmentation patterns can be achieved. A brindle is different from a Merle.

This unique color pattern is present in merle Pitbulls, so they are called merles.

#2 The Catalburun Dog

One unique feature of these dogs is that their nose looks like it has been divided in half. Although this breed originated in Turkey, you aren't likely to see any there today. This breed is known for its speed, endurance, and sense of smell, which gives them an edge over other dogs. Because of this, no one can beat them when it comes to hunting!

In the Cataburun family, only one master is recognized. It is loyal to that master, but still very friendly to the rest of the members. There is almost no way to trigger aggression in these dogs. A dog usually displays aggressive behavior only if there are small animals in the territory. That's because of their prey drive.

#3 Dalmatian with heart eyes

Fall in Love With This Dalmatian With Hearts for Eyes - Pets Rule

I just love that this Dalmatian has a perfect little heart in each of his eyes! If I had seen that puppy, I would have snatched him up right away.

 #4 A golden retriever dog with an unusual Black Splotch of fur on his face

Credit: Enzo Viola

This Golden Retriever has a "Black Splotch" on his face because of a specific genetic mutation that has caused him to receive the name, Enzo Viola. His adorable and distinctive mark has 196,124 followers on Instagram. Apparently, he was the only dog in his litter with any black fur, according to the Castro family in Texas. Children with birthmarks have been finding Enzo especially inspiring and becoming more confident as they see how blessed he is.

#5 This rare dog that looks like a statue

Credit: @pipernriley

Sandra Pineda was surprised when she saw more than 10,000 likes within an hour after posting a picture of her dog online. Thousands of users asked one question in the comments section besides reactions, thumbs up, and comments - "Is that a dog or a statue?"  

Piper is a Mexican Hairless Dog, a very rare breed known as Xoloitzcuintli, shared by a medical student from the Philippines.

In March 2018, she bought the dog and shared pictures of him online.

People were so confused about Piper. They asked me if she was real or not," Pineda said according to LadBible. I laughed as they all complimented her thinking she was a statue.

#6 Husky with mask

Husky has a natural little mask on his face which adds to his sweet character.

#7 His spots resemble freckles

As they continued, they said:

Elaine Ostrander, a mammalian geneticist at the National Human Genome Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, who was not involved with the research, says "it's a huge advance." In the end, there are a finite number of genes, and some of them are meaningful.

Scientists believed that after the dog genome was sequenced in 2005, they would quickly discover which genes give every breed its distinguishing characteristics. It was impossible to study enough dogs to obtain meaningful results, even within a breed.

#8 Different colored Paws

The paws of this dog are two different colors.

#9 A Husky-Pitbull mix. This is a Husbull.

Dogs Who Deserve An Award For Their Unique And Rare Appearance

There was a great deal of research done about dog breeds by the Sciencemag!

Breed descriptions published by the American Kennel Club resemble online dating profiles: the border collie is a workaholic, and the German shepherd will sacrifice his life for loved ones. In the most extensive research of its kind ever conducted, scientists now know that distinct breed characteristics are actually rooted in the genes of each dog. Human behavior may be illuminated by the research findings as well.

#10 A dog who has an eyeliner in one eye.

20 Astonishing Dogs That Seem to Have Come From Another Planet

This dog has blue eyes and is born with eyeliner in one eye.

#11 Bedlington Terrier looks like a goat

Small dogs of the Bedlington Terrier breed are named after Bedlington, a Northumbrian mining town in North East England. In addition to being used in dog sports, races, shows, and the breed of Bedlington Terrier, the breed was bred originally to hunt.

#12 The picture shows Bloomin, a tawny with blue eyes.

Meet Milkshake, a Dog Who's So Rare You'll Hardly Find a Few Like Him in

I am amazed at the research!

Researchers Evan MacLean and Noah Snyder-Mackler at the University of Washington in Seattle studied dog behavior data from 14,000 dogs across 101 breeds in the study. This research is based on the Canine Behavioral Assessment & Research Questionnaire (C-BARQ), which was developed by James Serpell, an ethologist at Penn State University. In C-BARQ, users are asked questions such as, "How does your dog react when strangers approach the door?" It allows owners to objectively characterize 14 aspects of their pets' personalities, including attachment, aggression, and trainability. More than 50,000 owners have participated in the survey since it was launched in 2003.

#13 A Rottweiler with vitiligo named Brick, an 11-year-old


#14 It looks like the dog is wearing a mask.


The dog was seen by Roxanne Hewitt in Phuket, Thailand.

#15 Below is a picture of the American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix

Ginger when she was a puppy. It is natural for her to have eyebrows, a heart-shaped nose, a beauty mark, and lipstick."

#16 There are absolutely no black spots on Luna's tips (tail, four feet) and her eyelashes and whiskers are white on the white side and black on the black side.

210 ANIMALS WITH UNUSUAL MARKINGS ideas | animals, cute animals, unusual

#17 A white dog has a blackhead.

black+faced+akita cheap buy online

#18 Puppy has a beautiful heart mark on him.26a-unusual-markings

#19 Meet the Rowdy Labrador's. Vitiligo marking on his eyes.

#20 She's a Bernese Mountain Dog named Zoe.

#21 Do you think that's the cutest little mustache I've ever seen?


 #22 Even though Lahela's birthmark is no longer visible on her nose when she was a puppy everyone wondered where her paw print came from.


#23 The black eyebrows on this dog would be hard not to laugh at whenever it looked at you.

#24 Due to its unusual markings and different-colored eyes, Chihuahuas look both good and evil

Chihuahua has a 'good' and 'evil' face due to unusual markings and  different-coloured eyes | Daily Mail Online

#25 Spotted Duchshund Puppy

Credit: @moo_in_miami

Moo has a speckled body which gives the illusion that he is half Dalmatian and half dachshund. He may be a relatively new Instagram user but still has over 63.1K followers on his social media account. Currently, he lives with his owner, Victoria Hoffman, in Miami, Florida. Moo's mother posts pictures of him living his best life on a regular basis.

Dachshunds are characterized by their coats. Moo's is particularly distinctive. As a dachshund, he has a blackhead, but his body has a piebald pattern. There are usually multiple white spots on an otherwise pigmented background, resulting in this coloring.


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