57 Dog Breeds Chart SVG JPG PNG from Etsy

If you're a true dog enthusiast, your home is undoubtedly adorned with various canine-inspired decor. But have you ever wished for a single piece of art that beautifully captures the essence of multiple dog breeds? Look no further than the captivating "57 Dog Breeds Chart SVG JPG PNG" available on Etsy. This digital masterpiece is a testament to your unwavering love for dogs, offering a unique and customizable addition to your pet-loving haven.

57 Dog Breeds Chart SVG JPG PNG from Etsy
Photo Credit: Ayumi Onishi at Etsy

Discover the Authentic: Before we delve into the remarkable features of this digital product, let's emphasize the importance of authenticity. This particular design is an original creation, ensuring that your purchase supports the talented artist behind it. Beware of imitations that circulate on other platforms; they are mere pirated versions that fail to capture the true essence of the artwork.

The Digital Delight You'll Receive: Upon purchasing the 57 Dog Breeds Chart SVG JPG PNG, you'll be treated to a trio of high-quality digital files:

JPG (16x20 inches): This vibrant RGB-colored file boasts a resolution of 300 dpi, making it perfect for poster printing. Immerse yourself in the captivating array of dog breeds that grace this artwork.

PNG (16x20 inches): With the same dimensions and resolution as the JPG, the PNG file offers the added advantage of a transparent background. This means you can seamlessly integrate the design into various creative projects without any color background limitations.

SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics provide a versatile format that allows you to customize the artwork as per your preferences. For those with the skills, software like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape enables you to edit individual animals from the design.

Design Considerations: It's important to note that this design is optimized for poster printing rather than individual animal extraction. The individual animals within the design may be too small and low in resolution for standalone printing. However, fear not! If you desire high-resolution PNGs of individual animals, you can explore the "Big Bundle" or specific animal categories within the seller's store.

Terms of Use: The "57 Dog Breeds Chart SVG JPG PNG" comes with clear terms of use that promote ethical and responsible usage:

  • Returns and refunds are not available, so be sure of your purchase before proceeding.
  • Personal and small-scale commercial use (up to 200 sales) is permitted without the need for an additional license.
  • For large-scale commercial use (over 200 sales), a separate commercial license must be acquired.
  • Resale of images and improper use are strictly prohibited, safeguarding the integrity of the artist's creation.

Test Before You Treasure: Curious to experience the digital delight firsthand? You can test download a product sample from the official seller's website at Studio Ayutaka. This allows you to get a glimpse of the quality and versatility of the files before making your purchase.

Final Thoughts: The "57 Dog Breeds Chart SVG JPG PNG" is more than just an artwork; it's a testament to your profound connection with dogs. Elevate your living space with this mesmerizing creation, showcasing your admiration for these loyal companions in a way that is both visually stunning and deeply meaningful. Embrace the digital masterpiece that encapsulates the spirit of 57 dog breeds, and let your pet-loving paradise shine brighter than ever before.


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