A cute dog with giant fluffy ears makes Mickey Mouse look just like him

In life, there are few absolutes - 1 + 1 will always equal 2. Dogs will ALWAYS be cute, and water will always be wet. There are some pups that are just SO cute that the internet breaks - and Goma is one of those pups!

With a cute smile and a name that may or may not be taken from one of our favorite Japanese anime shows (starts with D, ends with Z), it's not difficult to see why she's the internet's, new favorite darling.

By cross-breeding Papillons and Maltese, this breed has been able to take all the best traits of both parents without developing any of the health problems commonly associated with cross-breeding. This pooch has got us cooing and awwing with each and every picture he posts, so what exactly is it about him that gets us so excited? Let's see, those ears! As the Mickey Mouse Dog, Gomas has a small, round face and large, fluffy ears, both of which are as Disney as they come.

Credit: @maryupgoma_c

On Instagram, you can find Goma, who's often picture-perfect and who enjoys spa treatments and getting all dressed up, @maryupgoma_c, who's living the luxurious life.

Although she has over 109k followers and expensive habits, this pup is just a regular pup who likes long walks, catching, chewing toys, and getting down and dirty just like any other dog.

Take a look at her other looks below!

Credit: @maryupgoma_c

Credit: @maryupgoma_c

Credit: @maryupgoma_c

Credit: @maryupgoma_c

Credit: @maryupgoma_c


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