A pair of kittens found near the road look after one another and insist on staying together

Near the side of the road, two calico kittens were found together. Their bond has been indestructible since.

Two tiny kittens less than 24 hours old were contacted by Sparkle Cat Rescue, an all-volunteer rescue group in North Carolina. Sarah Kelly, a foster volunteer for the rescue, said that they were found together without a mom near the side of the road.

Despite their desperate situation, the kittens needed medical attention and rescue. They were moved to their foster home in North Carolina by a volunteer of Sparkle Cat Rescue.

"These two calico sisters faced quite a mountain of challenges, having never visited their mother and being so small and fragile."

Photo source: Sarah Kelly

As long as the palm-sized babies needed to be fed, Sarah started providing them with round-the-clock bottle feedings. They quickly climbed into the warm and cozy incubator (which regulated their body temperatures) and fell right to sleep after eating a full meal.

"Considering their opposite light/dark face markings, we chose the names Soleil and Luna, which means sun and moon, respectively."

kittens, calico

Photo source: Sarah Kelly

The calico sisters, Solil and Luna

The two sisters clung to one another like peas in a pod from the beginning. Despite being alone without their mom, the little fighters fought to stay alive until help arrived, which is unknown.

Due to an infection, Luna couldn't open one of her eyes and needed extra care. Her sister was there for her every step of the way.

Photo source: Sarah Kelly

Sarah shared with Love Meow that Luna and Soleil are so close. "Even when Luna had a serious eye infection when she was just one week old, Soleil was protective and comforting," she said.

It was the sweetest thing to see, both sleep on top of each other, and Soleil, who is happy and cheerful, was especially protective and watchful that week. They're both so sweet to each other!

Photo source: Sarah Kelly

Luna recovered quickly when her sister was constantly staying with her. After a few days, the discharge from Luna's eye was gone.

Having both eyes open, she saw the world and her sister clearly for the first time.

Photo source: Sarah Kelly

Little Soleil is just as sunshiny and optimistic as her name suggests. She is a purring machine and loves belly rubs and kisses. She is a joy to be around and makes us smile all the time," Sarah said.

Luna has been cheered on by this little sunshine. Her curiosity about the world around her never fails to keep her in good spirits.

Photo source: Sarah Kelly

Despite her quiet disposition, Luna is a stoic, strong, resilient, and beautiful dog. Her gold 'moon' mark on her cheek is a lovely addition to her appearance. She's also very sassy and charming.

Their playpen became their home once they learned to walk and ventured out of their nest. The pup reached out to look out for her sister as she pawed at her.

Photo source: Sarah Kelly

It was such a thrill for the bonded pair to explore their new home. Their legs were waddling around the area, looking at every crevice and nook. The two would seek out each other if they weren't within eyeshot.

Photo source: Sarah Kelly

Soleil continues to give cuddles to her sister on a daily basis. While Luna naps, she will wrap her arms around her sister and bear hug whenever she gets the chance.

Whenever they fight or play, Soleil manages to keep Luna by the throat.

Photo source: Sarah Kelly

It's fun to watch these two play together and plot mischief around their playpen.

They do everything together, no matter what.

Photo source: Sarah Kelly

They were given a cuddly Teddy Bear by Sarah to keep them company. When the sisters saw it, they jumped up to snuggle together.

Photo source: Sarah Kelly

The kittens, who are three weeks old, are thriving in foster care. Despite their progress, they still have much to learn and much antics to perform.

Their journey to the forever home will never be without them as they remain bonded together.

Photo source: Sarah Kelly

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