A paralyzed puppy tries to find help in Botswana, and luck smiles on her

It is sometimes possible to save someone's life through love and kindness. In fact, abandoned and injured animals can also benefit from love and kindness. Whenever they need help, humans and animals look for help.

Those who can assist them are brave enough to approach. In their minds, there is a happy ending. This heartwarming story shows how a paralyzed dog dragged herself for many miles to get help. Scroll down to find out more!

Photo source: Poppy The Puppy

During seasonal floods, the landlocked country of Botswana transforms into a lush animal habitat. There are still a lot of abandoned and injured dogs in Botswana, despite the fact that most animals do pretty well there. It is likely that millions have been touched by this story of a paralyzed Botswanan pooch. With a broken spine, the poor little pup had to walk for miles in search of help.

Photo source: Poppy The Puppy

A big smile of luck greeted the puppy.

During that time, a team of volunteers led by Susanne Vogel worked in the Northern Okavango region and saved the puppy. They conducted a project in order to reduce human-elephant conflicts. They were shocked to see the poor puppy slowly making her way into their remote campsite. After spotting the volunteer team on the streets, the little puppy decided to approach them for help.

Photo source: Poppy The Puppy

The poor pup, later named Poppy, was clearly in need of help.

"She crawled, literally crawled, since her back legs were completely immobilized, into our research camp. She was incapable of walking, but full of love and asking for help, Susanne remarked.

Photo source: Poppy The Puppy

Poppy was assessed rapidly, and her condition was taken into account. A car accident clearly caused her spine to be broken, resulting in paralysis. After cleaning and feeding the companion, they rushed her to the veterinarian. Sadly, the veterinarian did not have great news.

Photo source: Poppy The Puppy

Poppy was discovered to be seven months old after an examination. Surgical intervention could potentially provide her with some relief, but she had only a slim chance of surviving.

Despite this, the researchers didn't give up hope. They knew that Poppy was unique.

Photo source: Poppy The Puppy

Despite not being able to risk surgery, Poppy began work on therapy and rehabilitation exercises. Poppy's supporters also raised money to pay for her future medical care. Animal lovers all over the world jumped at the chance to help Poppy.  

Photo source: Poppy The Puppy

Physical therapy eventually resulted in Poppy becoming stronger so she could stand on her own.

Photo source: Poppy The Puppy

Poppy does not appear to be in pain, despite the fact that she is not well enough to undergo surgery.

Photo source: Poppy The Puppy

Her very own set of wheels let her whirl around like a dog on a leash! She never looked back.

Finally, Poppy's forever family adopted her after spending so much time alone. It was Marybeth Hastings, a Washington, DC resident who adopted the puppy and brought her back home. Even though it may seem as if Poppy's story is over, it's really just the start of her brand-new life.



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