A picture of a homeless dog sleeping with a stuffed animal went viral after people shared it

The selfless volunteers here at SmallJoys continue to inspire us with their work, whether it's helping an elderly neighbor, saving a beached Orca whale, or being involved in other extraordinary charity works. We will always express our appreciation for their time.

It is amazing how many people volunteer and how it improves the world in general. Discover the dedicated volunteers of Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project, a nonprofit organization based in Houston, Texas. A group of dedicated volunteers dedicate their time, effort, money, and love to helping stray dogs.

Stray animals, including dogs, are a huge problem in Houston. Since they started a few years ago, they have saved over 864 dogs from just the 5th Ward.

Unfortunately, we do not know why Houston has so many stray dogs; it may be an infestation of feral animals or that people abandon their dogs there. In addition to feeding countless dogs, Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project works tirelessly to ensure that these dogs survive. It is a fantastic organization.

Their successful efforts to rescue street dogs enable them to find lasting homes where they can live a happy life. Those dogs will no longer be starving and sleeping on the streets.

Despite being a no-kill rescue group, Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project works hard to find a home for every dog, even if it takes a while.
Their priority is to make sure the dogs live happy lives with loving families, and that includes choosing what kind of homes they will go to.

During the story, we learn about a volunteer who found a homeless dog and captured an amazing photo of it. In the picture, a problem that is all too real for too many dogs was summed up perfectly. Dogs living outside, without a home, cold and lonely. In response to the photograph, fellow animal lovers expressed their heartbreak over the picture.

People who love animals have been touched by this photo. A dog snuggling up to a stuffed teddy bear that's dirty, but still comfy. In fact, it almost looks like the dog is cradling the bear.

In the 5th Ward, there are often times where volunteers see dogs sleeping outside in the cold and alone, which is a sadly every day occurrence. A volunteer group was catching strays and feeding them so that they could take them to the rescue center where they would eventually find a forever home.
That's when a volunteer found the dog sleeping and snapped a photo. When she saw the problem from this perspective, she knew it would strike many animal lovers hard.

They weren't able to catch the dog because their van was already packed with dogs ready to be brought to the shelter. In order to save the sleeping dog, they dropped the dogs off and returned to get them immediately.

They found their dog, along with the stuffed animal, gone by the time they returned.
However, one of the volunteers did encounter an elderly man from the area named Calvin, who was 89 years old. Kevin told the volunteers that the dog belonged to him, but it always managed to escape and ended up living on the streets. Kevin has not been able to find the dog again.

As well as helping wild dogs himself, Calvin has been working to protect his community in the 5th Ward. He feeds and takes care of the dogs that come into his yard. Since then, he has been searching for his dog who escaped and ran away.

Calvin received help covering vet costs, including neutering his dogs. The help was greatly appreciated by Calvin. This was a very touching story!
Although this story currently does not have a happy ending, the volunteers are still trying to locate the sleeping dog and other homeless dogs and find them forever homes.
There are more than a million dogs in shelters across the country, and nonprofit groups will keep working to make sure that one day all puppies will have forever homes.


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