An individual saves a bull mastiff who had been buried in dirt and left to die

Occasionally, humans commit monstrous acts that make the rest of us ashamed to be part of the same species. People are much worse than animals. Wild animals attack when hungry or scared - they never kill or torture for pleasure.

The heroine of this story was buried alive and then left to die by a sadistic owner who not only tortured her but also buried her alive. French Mastiff Athena (Dogue De Bordeaux). The good Samaritan who found her buried alive was walking his dog when he discovered her. When he looked down, there was something sticking out of the ground. Upon realizing it was the dog's head, he knew that he needed to act immediately.

On August 4, Athena was discovered buried alive. Due to her shallow burial, she was the only part of her body that was exposed, and her head must have been freed by herself.

Athena was found buried alive on August 4. Her head was the only exposed part, and it appears that she managed to free it herself because she was buried pretty shallow.

Photo source: Pedro Dinis

Because she was anchored to the ground, she wasn't able to fully free herself.

But she couldn’t fully free herself because she was anchored to the ground.

Photo source: Pedro Dinis

Her health was very poor and she was dehydrated. When she was rescued, she was very calm.

Athena was very weak and dehydrated. She was also very calm during her rescue.

Photo source: Pedro Dinis

Another pooch gave a helping paw to her rescuer. The pooch's name is Goddess. Athena and Goddess are both very appropriate.

Her rescuer’s pooch also gave a helping paw. Her name is Goddess. Very appropriate - Goddess and Athena.

Photo source: Pedro Dinis

During the rescue, the dog was continually encouraged by the goddess.

Goddess kept encouraging the poor dog during the rescue.

Photo source: Pedro Dinis

Her rescuer gave Athena small sips of water when she was dehydrated. A dehydrated animal might become ill if a large amount of water is given all at once.

Athena was dehydrated, so her rescuer gave her water in small sips. Giving her large quantities of water at once could harm a dehydrated animal.

Photo source: Pedro Dinis

Rescuers used their hands instead of shovels, so the process was slow because they did not want to hurt the dog.

The rescue process was slow because the rescuer used his hands instead of a shovel, not wanting to hurt the dog.

Photo source: Pedro Dinis

She was treated for shock and dehydration at a local vet clinic. They concluded that she was at least 10 years old and had been severely abused for many years.

The poor dog was taken to a local vet clinic, where they’ve treated her for shock and dehydration. The vets concluded that she was at least 10 years old and had been severely abused in continuity.

Photo source: Pedro Dinis

Athena poses with her new Rottweiler friends in the photo below. With a supportive family and friends, she is learning how to adjust to life on her own.

The photo shows Athena with two new Rottweiler friends. She is trying to get accustomed to a life with a loving family, friends, and proper care.

Photo source: Pedro Dinis

Thanks to the ID tag, the authorities were able to find Athena's owner. Athena was found near a vacant lot in Paris when the man lived nearby. The man denied any involvement in this incident, claiming she had escaped.

The evidence, however, pointed in a different direction. I could tell that the dog had suffered abuse for a long time and she suffered from osteoarthritis, meaning that she would be unable to run away.

Saturday afternoon, the 21-year-old dog owner was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals. The case will be heard in May. Petitioners have called for the maximum sentence, which would be two years in prison and a fine of $33,000.

According to the petitioners, animal cruelty is just one step away from hurting a human being, so they are asking that bail be denied to him as well.


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