Get To Know Odd-eyed Olive: A Gorgeous Feline With Extraordinary Eyes

Photo source: oddity_olive

A cat's eye would keep me occupied all day. All cat eyes are magnificent, enchanting, tiny, multicolored orbs that dazzle and glisten even in the darkest of lighting. What is sectoral heterochromia (one eye different from the unaffected blue eye)? Cats have been known to have complete heterochromia, when one eye is a different color from the other. It is a rare condition for Odd Eyed Olive and her peepers are extraordinary!

Photo source: oddity_olive

These beautiful multicolored eyes are a result of genetics, since the gene responsible for white fur also influences the color of the cat's eyes. Thankfully, Olive is no different than other cats when it comes to her vision and hearing. Olive's owner mentions that she enjoys playing with boxes, watching birds while uttering adorable "ek ek ek" cat chatter sounds, and attacking her feather toys in her free time.

Photo source: oddity_olive

Olive loves hanging out with Charlie, her cat housemate and designated cuddle buddy, when she isn't busy taking photographs or making out with everyone else. She refers to him as Olive's "boyfriend," and she says they are inseparable...The blue eyes of Olive must appeal to him too!

Photo source: oddity_olive

According to her owner, Olive only tolerates Charlie's affection and attention and won't cuddle with any of the other cats in the house. In addition to her house cat, Fifi, pictured below, she shares her life with a fluffy blue-eyed beauty...

Photo source: oddity_olive

Photo source: oddity_olive

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Photo source: oddity_olive

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