Meet Eris, the longest-nosed Borzoi Sighthound

We've all come across animals that caught our attention, but have you ever seen a canine like this? Meet the Eris-a Borzoi Sighthound from Richmond, Virginia, is reputed to be the world's long-nosed dog!

Lily and Savannah adopted Eris in July 2018, but they had no idea they were going to have a record-breaking pup on their hands.

Credit: @eriszoi

In the beginning, she was small, but soon it became apparent that they had discovered a pooch with a very remarkable snout.

It has been measured that Eris' nose is 12.2 inches long, meaning that it is one feet long, giving us an entirely new understanding of a foot-long hot dog.

Credit: @eriszoi

After sitting on their laps, Eris immediately won the couple's hearts. A long nose was a concern for the doctors, but Eris didn't experience any discomfort.

People stop a lot to ask us questions about our dog and to know what kind of dog she is. She's got a really big personality, so every time she says hello to our neighbors, they just love her!

Lily told Bored Panda

Credit: @eriszoi

Credit: @eriszoi

Eris is usually happy to receive attention, but never barks about it.

Borzoi sighthound dogs originate in Russia, which is why their name literally means "fast". They're known there as wolfhound dogs.

Although they look just like greyhounds, they are quite different from the breed. They make excellent pets because they are much quieter than greyhounds.

Credit: @eriszoi

Lily and Savannah have Eris on her own Instagram account, and at the time of writing, she has 244K (244,644) followers. This is one dog that is not one to do things by halves!

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