Pictures Of Wholesome Service Puppies On Their First Days At Work

There are many misconceptions about dogs.

There are a lot of things you have missed out on in life if you have never had a dog. Dogs are very playful and affectionate. That's obvious and we all know it. However, they're highly intelligent as well. It's hard to believe that dogs can learn tricks as fast as they do when you keep them as pets. That shows how fast their brains work and how much they can handle. They're also remarkably intelligent. Even humans can benefit from dogs! Training and learning of these animals can enable them to participate in real-life jobs with humans. Dogs often sniff to detect things at crime scenes, or when they are looking for things in warehouses, etc. The dogs have been trained for that purpose. However, they must begin this training at a young age so that when they are adults, they can fully assist their human friends.

Although I think service dogs must be taken seriously and we shouldn't just go pet one whenever we see one, we should take a closer look at these little puppies in training, because they are absolutely adorable. You will love our adorable collection. Here are 32 puppies on their first day at work that you can scroll down below for your daily dose of cuteness:

1. He's a very happy dog named Tuco.

Photo source: Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog,bostonpolice

2. There are times when comfort dogs also need comfort.

Photo source: Lutheran Church Charities

3. Introducing the new Sheriff of the town.

Photo source: Grocken

4. It's so cute. I don't understand how they can be this cute.

Photo source: West Midlands Police

5. Introducing Xxcalliber! This military working dog puppy is just a few months old.

Photo source: Vega71

6. The Little Guy Was In His Class At The Turkey Hill Ice Cream Factory and He's Being Trained To Become A Service Dog.

Photo source: killla_k

7. These little paws are so cute!

Photo source: ohhbaby

8. A service dog puppy was spotted being trained today at work. This Was A Hard Day For Him

Photo source: chazel

9. It's Scoob. An 11-week-old pup with the Seattle police.

Photo source: West Midlands Police

10. Would it be possible to play some James Bond music in the background?

Photo source: Australian Department of Defence

11. A puppy joins the Finnish police

Photo source: PoliisiIS

12. It's clear that Zuma needs to learn a lot.

Photo source: nsunakawa13

13. It won't take long for him to chew on the arm of the bad guy.

Photo source: xTYBGx

14. To fit into Snoopy's vest, he'll need time.

Photo source: ana_k_ten_brink_

15. It appears that he has eyebrows.

Photo source: Military Working Dog Puppy Program

16. Guide Dog Puppy Holds His Teddy Bear.

Photo source: reddit

17. Vests for the first time!

Photo source: New Zealand Police

I find this adorable. You wouldn't expect these cute little pups to grow up and become tough police dogs who chase bad guys and bring justice to the world. Someday, these tiny babies will become heroes. Humans should respect and admire them for their service to them. Their loyalty isn't deserved by us.

18. There is nothing in me that can prevent me from petting this baby.

Photo source: jordanjade22

19. This Is The New Puppy At Today's Training. I'm Not Sure The Bullet Proof Vest Fits... Just Yet.

Photo source: Brimfield Police Department

20. The training of two service dogs. It's Hard Work.

Photo source: reddit

21. It's a Dog Puppy.

Photo source: Stanislaus County Guide Dog Puppies

22. OMG, this is too much cute and innocent.

Photo source: West Midlands Police

23. Ooh, it's so small.

Photo source: Military Working Dog Puppy Program

24. Number one recruit at local sheriff's office

Photo source: Rawtashk

25. The police have just gotten a new puppy who is very ready to be done with pictures and just nap.

Photo source: Amphibology29

26. Jack wearing his service dog vest.

Photo source: Warrior Canine Connection

27. Does he learn to drive there?

Photo source: chiyoatyourservice

28. The day will come when I will be a big police dog.

Photo source: redlimeeye

29. The first day of work for a police K-9 pup.

Photo source: polyphenus

30. The cones were placed around him to prevent anyone from disturbing him.

Photo source: dancesanspants

31. The first day that Mo worked for Greater Manchester Police.

Photo source: Greater Manchester Police

32. His perception is that he is one of us.

Photo source: zackboomer

Aren't these tough little guys adorable? What do you think about service dogs as puppies? How do you feel about them? Please share your thoughts with us below!


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