The Two-Tone Faced Cat Became A Dad To Kittens In All Of His Colors

In many ways, Narnia is a special cat. In addition to his blue eyes, he has a perfectly symmetrical face with gray and black halves. When he was just a tiny baby he captured the hearts of millions of people online thanks to his split face and special features.

Photo source: @amazingnarnia

Photo source: @amazingnarnia

He was born in Paris, but he now lives in the UK with Stephanie Jiminez, a professional cat breeder.

Photo source: @amazingnarnia

It was a huge surprise to me when Narnia was born. His extraordinary qualities immediately became evident to me.

Now he is known as one of the most famous cats with a two-toned face.

Photo source: @amazingnarnia

His face becomes totally Narnia, and he gives birth to two kittens with two different types of fur on both sides. Phoenix and Prada, he's gray-haired and black-haired children, are lucky to inherit their father's good looks. How wonderful!

Photo source: @amazingnarnia

"Narnia has been a parent many times before and probably will be again in the future. Stephanie said that the kittens he has had are all different colors. He has already been a father several times" .Bored Panda


Photo source: @amazingnarnia

We are excited to hear that Phoenix and Prada will soon move into their new home. Narnia will also welcome its new kittens around June 29th, Stephanie said.

Photo source: @amazingnarnia

It was previously thought that Narnia was a rare chimera cat because of his face, which is usually caused by a genetic mutation called chimerism. Genetic testing revealed that Narnia was not a chimera cat. Genetic testing revealed that Narnia had only one DNA sequence... the mystery remains for science, she said.

Photo source: @amazingnarnia

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