The zoo celebrates the birth of a litter of endangered leopard kittens

A trio of adorable Leopard kittens has just been born at the Zoo 

Little ones, welcome to the world. What beautiful babies these are.

Three kittens were born to a leopard cat at the Taipei Zoo on March 3. Taiwan is the place where the zoo is located. Leopard cats have not given birth in captivity in nearly 20 years, so this is an unusual sight.
Mother Ping Ping gives birth to a litter of kittens. All three kittens are healthy and have been around for 42 days.

Credit: Taipei zoo

Ping Ping does not leave their side, as she is extremely sensitive towards them.
She has two healthy males and one healthy female. Her eldest child is named Mao Xiong. Their sister is named Cat Control, while their brother is named Cat Lord.

They are such little beauties! How adorable they are!

Credit: Taipei zoo

Mountains, deserts, and forests are the habitats of these cats. Because there is a shortage of habitat, the ratio has been decreasing. In addition, they have been hunted for meat. The result has been a major operation.
Despite all this, these three tiny ones are a ray of joy and hope!

It just melts your heart that they are so cute!

Credit: Taipei zoo

Our best wishes go to them as they grow up to become big cats.

Credit: Taipei zoo

I would still love kittens with their tongues out if their mother was constantly disembowling them, they are so adorable

The zoo and mom deserve big congratulations!


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