Woman Creates Chair That Lets Needy Pets Sit Near You During Work

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a large number of people work from home. Almost everyone these days has a home office, and employers are offering more flexibility when it comes to where they work.

Some people who work from home are able to spend more time with their pets since they are working from home. As a result, our furry friends are so happy to have us back home that they don't want to leave our side for a moment. It can be great, but it can also be problematic.

Photo Credit: YouTube/@Simone Giertz

With a dog or cat on your lap and demanding attention, it's challenging to do work, take a Zoom call, or type properly. While they are taking a nap, it might be difficult to move them because they might get woken up by moving. As Simone Giertz is well aware, this is a very difficult situation.

Giertz is a Swedish inventor and YouTube star, who got sick of having her dog bother her with neediness and love and made a solution to fix the problem. Designed by Giertz, the desk chair allows pets to sit comfortably with their owners while they work.

Photo Credit: YouTube/@Simone Giertz

She explained that "Her dog would appreciate it if she turned herself into a dog bed". I decided not to do that project since I wasn't too keen on it. Instead, I built a chair for her."

Initially, she discussed her concept on Twitter, saying, "I designed a chair for pets who like to sit next to you all the time."

In response to the concept, many people posted photos of themselves with pets trying to work from home.

Photo Credit: YouTube/@Simone Giertz

The chair has a stairwell that makes it easy for pets to access their designated parts.

Actually, Scraps has only three legs, so Simone had to take some steps for Scraps so he could climb up on the chair.

Photo Credit: YouTube/@Simone Giertz

Pets can easily curl up next to their owners in the chair. Giertz also shared the photo & videos on YouTube showing his entire process of creating the chair.

Watch the video below to see for yourself:

Some people think it might be an April Fool's joke since it was first shared on May 30th, 2021. There was such a positive response from the community, hopefully, it was made in good faith!



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